• 83% of rail passengers now rate their journey as "good" or "satisfactory" according to the independent passenger watchdog 

  • £5.12 is the average price paid for a single journey in 2012/13 - 2p less than in 1997/98 in real terms

  • 1.6 billion rail journeys taken in 2013/14 - up from 846 million in 1997/98

  • Train companies returned £2 billion to Government in 2012/13 - five times the £400 million returned in 1997/98

  • At least £20 million a day is being invested in maintaining, improving and building a better rail network

  • 90.9% of trains arrived as planned in 2012/13 according to the Government-set measure 

  • Around 3.8 million passengers now arrive as planned every day - almost 600,000 more than just 5 years ago

In January 2014 the overall average increase in rail fares was 2.8%. 

Train companies supported the Chancellor’s 5 December 2013 announcement that the average increase in 2014 Season tickets, and other regulated fares, would be in line with inflation rather than 1% above.

In September 2014, the Chancellor announced a real terms freeze in next year's season tickets and other regulated fares.

We want to help explain why some fares change in price and on this site you'll find:

Most prices change on 2 January each year. Fares for journeys wholly within London, however, may change on another date.

Details of the fares changes in 2015 will be published towards the end of 2014. 

You can check your usual fare - or any ticket - by visiting nationalrail.co.uk.